Two of the biggest concerns for Financial Services Institutions (FSI) as we roll into 2021 are customers and compliance. The dynamics of the customer relationship were forever altered due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and any incremental progress on digitization and customer centricity was thrust into fruition in less than a…

Developing a deep and detailed understanding of your business processes lets you root out inefficiencies, double down on operational excellence, and make better, more informed decisions to reach your goals. But simply mining system log files misses the details in every process, while deploying consultants to map processes takes time…

The hype around process intelligence kicked into overdrive in 2020. From investments to acquisitions to products, it was an exciting year by any measure. But 2021 promises to be filled with even more hype — and confusion — in the market as vendors look to capitalize on the growing interest from major companies.

Fueling this interest in enterprise process intelligence is the continuing focus on digital transformations. The COVID-19 pandemic forced companies to rapidly modernize how their businesses operated. As early as April, the massive shift to remote work and education turned previously manual processes into digital efforts. Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella said


FortressIQ is the process intelligence platform for the modern enterprise. That’s how we describe our platform, and process intelligence is what we deliver to our customers. But what, exactly, is process intelligence?

Your business runs on processes. How you recruit, onboard, and train new employees, for example, is defined by the processes, subprocesses, and tasks that make these actions a reality. And processes extend to every area of your business. It’s how your products and services are sold, made, packaged, priced, shipped…

Jon Knisley

Jon Knisley is a Principal at FortressIQ. He helps companies leverage process intelligence to jumpstart and scale their automation and transformation programs.

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